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5 Jots from Jost - April 2024

from the desk of Josiah Jost

Greetings friends, I hope your first quarter of 2024 was filled with strength & purpose.

Logo & identity design: Moral Ecology Trust

I recently completed a large project for a newly established network that facilitates the collaboration of influential leaders in society to improve the moral ecology of the culture.

See full portfolio piece on my site

Logo design: Mertz Engineering

Mertz Engineering is a forensic engineering company out of central Alberta. They stand out in the clarity of their reports, dependable delivery, and utilizing the strength of story. I recently worked with them to create a simple and clear identity, subtly integrating a check mark into the M to convey dependable, clear reports. I always enjoy using negative space, whenever it’s appropriate!

See more images of identity on my Instagram

What I’m Reading: The Graphic Design Idea Book

I’ve had this book on my desk for several weeks, and it’s a goldmine of inspiration. Features design concepts from 50 masters of design, and showcases one-page examples of tactics such as Whitespace, Irony, Blur, Illusion, Motion Design, etc.

Link to The Graphic Design Idea Book on Amazon

Re-brand I’m Digging: Castelfalfi

Castelfalfi, a 2,700 acre destination in Tuscany Italy, that includes 5-star hotel, 27-hole golf course, and a rich history since 754AD. They wanted to re-brand their identity, building on the existing charm and personality of their history. I think the branding agency, Base Design, nailed it with the unique depiction of the pegasus horse inspired by 15th century Florentine stone engravings, paired with custom drawn type; such rich personality. Check out the gorgeous application of the new identity in the link below:

See more on Base Design portfolio post

Family Re-charge in Florida

We were thankful for the opportunity to escape the Canadian winter temperatures of -40 degrees, and get some sun and connection time together in Florida.

It was such a joy to have a long block of 18 days to bond with my young family, and experience the kids’ joy and wonder of exploring beaches and finding cool sea shells.

Let me know if you have any fun projects on the go or any questions or comments regarding your brand! At the time of posting this, I have booking availability starting in mid-April.

Cheers! - Josiah Jost