I’ll be sharpening my pencil and

listening to strangers’ stories

for as long as I can.
for as long as I can.  Here’s my journey so far:
Here’s my journey so far:
As a Canadian pastor’s kid I listened to stories about life from young and old.
My teens were spent working my butt off on farms for up to 8 bucks an hour—dreaming of my future.
100 Logos
My parents’ basement and a demo of Adobe, making fictitious logos for web domains. 15 bucks an hour. 
Wax on, wax off.
200+ Logos
I quit my job and went full-time into logo work—for actual clients. Many logos were made in a van, touring around the USA with my family band, staying with locals, and hearing their stories.
350 Logos
This phase was about diversifying creative concepts and validation. I contributed to almost 30 books on logo design such as Logo Design Love and Symbol.
650 Logos
A Montana typography artist entered my story. We connected over design, and then connected for life. With Audrey, business and family bloomed.
800+ Logos
I’ve now worked with clients from 55+ countries. Listening to their stories, sketching, and riffing on illustrations with Audrey is my craft.
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