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Siah Design is now Jost Brands

After 14+ years of doing logo design under my brand Siah Design, I’ve made the decision to change to my last name, Jost (Legal name of Jost Brands Inc.).

Siah was my childhood nickname, and was a fun identity over the years, but I now resonate more with my last name; a stronger, more mature title.

The pencil icon is still relevant as analog sketching is still a crucial part of my design process, but updated to a monogram J, and made bolder, stronger.

With the update, I’ve launched this new logo, website, and short video on logo design and my process.

Thanks and credits to:

Filip Matous (matous.com) on brand strategy, copy, and consulting.

Agnieszka Grabowicz (NoneIsTheNumber.com) on the website design.

Joel Jost (joeljost.com) on video shooting/production/editing.

Adam Znaidi (adamznaidi.com) on the short film music score.

Agustin Esquibel (animagu.com) on my logo animation.

André Fairweather (Stomm) on website development.

I plan to send out bi-monthly updates on projects and design, so if you’re interested in getting those, you can subscribe above the footer of the website below. 🙂

Love from Josiah, Audrey, and our little crew.