Based in Denver, Colorado, Renovaré publishes print and online resources, including books, articles, messages and podcasts. Retreats, spiritual formation groups, and educational initiatives like the two-year Renovaré Institute provide community and experience where that knowledge can move from head to heart.

Old Logo:Renovare-OldLogo

They wanted to give their logo a refresh that gave them more of a distinct look. They were hoping to keep the idea of a Trinity symbol, yet if possible they wanted to integrate the idea of 6 streams to symbolize the 6 streams of the Christian life.

To quote Renovare:

"The leadership at Renovaré had sensed for a while that it was time to update or refresh the logo. Brian Morykon, who oversees all things digital for Renovaré, was tasked with taking the lead in finding and guiding a designer through the creation of a new mark that would have strong continuity with our past, while expressing renewed vision for our present and future.

 “Renovaré promotes the beauty available in various Christian traditions, which we identify as six streams,” Brian wrote in his creative brief. “We imagine a mark that incorporates these six streams, while if possible paying homage to the Trinity symbol (as we have in two previous marks). The logo should be sturdy and classic, weighty without being too serious. Something that conveys what C.S. Lewis calls ‘the serious business of joy.’”

We laid out vision and direction we wanted to go then I started the sketching process.

Sketches along the way:


This sketch lead to be best direction:

The new icon

The updated symbol maintains the familiarity of the old while adding a sense of renewal, energy and life. Six lines symbolize the six streams of the church flowing together in the unity of the eternal Trinity. The surrounding circle alludes to God’s life spreading to all corners of the globe.

I created a custom type which gives the title a timeless and friendly feel.Renovare-type


Logo and custom type gridlined


A seal variation was created for their Renovaré Institute brand:
Renovare-InstituteWe laid out color and typography standards and created a full style guide:

Renovare shared more information on the logo update which you can see here.

See the logo and identity on the Renovaré website. They were a pleasure to work with.

Feel free to contact me if you need any branding work done.



Romans 8:3

Ho‘ōla Nā Pua is an anti-sex trafficking non-profit in Hawaii. Their mission is the renewal of trafficked girls through health, education, advocacy, and reintegration. They approached me to give their brand a fresh, modern look.

Their old logo:


The scope of the rebrand:

The Process:


I had the client fill out my questionnaire, I reviewed their mission statement, vision statement and their background story. Here are the key points of the research phase:


Meaning behind the name: The Hawaiian name Hoʻōla Nā Pua means “New Life for our Children.” Hoʻōla means healing and new life; pua means flower and is also a term of endearment when referring to children. The name culturally reflects their mission, and it closely identifies with and reflects Hawaiian values and social heritage.

Their Mission: Hoʻōla Nā Pua is committed to providing a home designed to meet the unique needs of underage female sex trafficking victims through the utilization of individualized, comprehensive, and restorative therapies.

At Hoʻōla Nā Pua, optimal health is holistic. This means healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotion is central in our restorative efforts and interventions so that a young girl is able to reach her full potential and live a healthy and successful life is committed to H.E.A.R (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Reintegration).

Primary adjectives the new logo should have: Organic, healing, safe, girl, loving, just, peace, safe, promising, holistic, natural.

starfishstoryThis story of the starfish has significant meaning for the brand in regards to making a difference:

The man asked the boy what he was doing, and the boy replied, "I am throwing these washed up starfish back into the ocean, or else they will die from lack of oxygen.”

“But,” said the man, “You can’t possibly save them all. There are thousands on this beach, and this must be happening on hundreds of beaches along the coast. You can’t possibly make a difference." 

The boy looked down, frowning for a moment, then he bent down to pick up another starfish, smiling as he threw it back into the sea. He replied:

“I made a huge difference to that one!”

(Adapted from “The Star Thrower”, by Loren Eiseley)

Research of other partners in the same field of anti-sex trafficking:




Once the key objectives were established, pages were filled on the sketchpad of ideas, brainstorming, and some mind mapping. Once I had enough ideas I felt were strong and appropriate, I moved onto the vectorization and presentation stage.


I developed several concept for the client to consider. I felt the strongest ideas played off of the idea of a flower, starfish or girl in some way.

Sample of concepts/ideas presented to client in round 1:



Upon review, the client and I decided the strongest option was the idea of a young girl being integrated into a flower with a starfish subtly being in the negative space, with the 4 core pillars of the brand (Health, Education, Advocacy, and Reintegration) being the 4 flower petals around the girl.

Unrefined original concept:



We then went onto refine the concept. After several rounds of tweaking, we came to the finalized icon and a fresh Hawaiian-inspired color palette.

Finalized, refined icon:

Explanation of refined icon concept:


Customized typography added to icon:hnp-logo

Designing Sub-brands

For the STARFISH programs, I took the idea of a hand holding a starfish, with the hand also subtly representing the wave. And for the PEARLS program, I replaced the starfish with a pearl.

Sub-brand logos:


And then, in theme with the 4 petals around the logo, I made the icons for the four pillars all in the shape of the flower petals from the logo:


Designing Collateral

Once the colors, fonts, and logos were finalized, I moved onto designing a full stationery set:


Designing Style Guide

A full style guide was designed. See link to full PDF here.

Sample page from style guide:

brandcolorsYou can see the full re-brand integrated and find more information about Ho‘ōla Nā Pua on their website. It was meaningful to do the rebrand for an organization providing such a desperately needed outreach to these abused girls in Hawaii.

Thanks for taking a look, and let me know your thoughts on the re-brand. I'm currently booking new projects so contact me if you need any branding work done!


Romans 8:38