DY.CO is home to some of the most trusted and respected products and brands within the European construction and reinforced concrete sector.

I worked with Filip Matous (matous.com) and the AIDA team from London, UK. My role was to design the logo for the primary DY.CO brand, and then re-brand the 6 product logos; all of which had very different styles, and in some cases, a 60-year history.

The DY.CO Logo Process

We landed on a custom type paired with an icon depicting multiple elements coming together to form an abstract “D” within a hexagon shape. The hexagon shape is associated with the honeycomb, which is the strongest structure/shape known.

The clean geometric elements give the icon a strong, construction vibe.

The 6 Sub-brands (old logos):

The goal was to re-brand all the sub-brands in a way that retained recognition of their existing brand and history, yet be cohesive to the new DY.CO brand.

The updated sub-brand logos.

We leveraged off the hexagon shape for all the logos, and found ways to retain existing colors, and in some cases existing shapes from the original logos.

Brand Colors