DYWIDAG started back in Germany in 1865, when son and father-in-law Eugen Dyckerhoff and Gottlieb Widmann began working together.

I had the privilege of working with Filip Matous (matous.com) and the AIDA team from London, UK to do the significant re-brand.

The company is well known in the construction market for components such as steel bars, etc. They are moving forward though into much more advanced products that include robots that can scan/analyze the structural integrity of bridges, smart anchors with digital twins for structure monitoring, and many other high-tech, modern products. It was a strategic decision to make the brand feel more future-driven.

Prior Logo History:

The Competitor Landscape:


Over 100 ideas were executed/explored:

The chosen direction was a monogram D as well as arrow pointing forward. The lower portion of arrow suggests trusses or building components, which is relevant to their offering and history.

The new USP line developed by the team for DYWIDAG was: "We make infrastructure safer, stronger, and smarter."

This also worked well with the new logo monogram D/Arrow also conveys a "greater than" sign, symbolizing their product is Safer, Stronger, Smarter.