Moral Ecology Trust

Role: Logo design, Brand style guide, Presentations

The Moral Ecology Trust is a newly established network that seeks to facilitate the collaboration of influential leaders in society to improve the moral ecology of the culture. 

They have a vision of nurturing an ecosystem in which people of good character can thrive.

I worked alongside Handshake Studios to develop the logo design and visual identity.

The First Round of Concepts

I explored dozens of ideas relevant to the idea of an ecosystem rippling outward… something that would capture the idea of their influential network causing an outward movement of moral formation and flourishing.

The Solution

After presenting the top 6 concepts digitized to the client, the chosen direction was the compass with the healthy ecology around it growing outward to the rest of the world.

It was paired with a noble geometric serif that pairs with the geometry of the icon.

The chosen icon featured geometry conveying a moral compass, flourishing outward to the sub-layers of the ecosystem.

Brand Style Guidelines

We established colors, typography, logo display rules, and accompanying graphic elements.

Excellent! It has been a pleasure working with Josiah. We are very impressed and pleased with what he created and are eager to deploy this brand.

– Ryan S. Olson PhD

Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia